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Temperament hypothesis bowlby

Intimate Relationships - Personality However, it was probably the psychologist Mary Ainsworth (1913 - 1999) who provided the most famous body of research offering explanations of individual differences in attachment. This paper reveals a theory of personality based on the formation of intimate relationships during the early stages of a person's lifetime. During infancy.

Does temperament influence the parent-child attachment relationship Essentially all infants become attached if provided any caregiver, but there are individual differences in the quality of the relationships. In relation to the orins and impact of temperament and attachment in infant. has the capacity for the establishment of secure attachment relationship Bowlby. clinical and empirical research that supports its hypothesis Fonagy, 1999.

Bowlby For example, Schaffer and Emerson (1964) discovered what appeared to be innate differences in sociability in babies; some babies preferred cuddling more than others, from very early on, before much interaction had occurred to cause such differences. In his hypothesis, Bowlby believed that an infant? s failure to attach to a. primary caregiver would have long term effects.

Temperament hypothesis bowlby:

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